All Gif’d Up – Admiring The Beautiful Homerun Swing of Javier Baez


Update: Looks like he hit his 5th HR of Spring Training tonight, and I couldn’t help but Gif that one too:

Baez 5

Check out the side view and five more blasts inside the article:

Baez 5 side

21 year old Javier Baez has been making writers cry joyful tears around the baseball world this March, and for those unaware, just one look at his swing will make you understand the immense potential he brings to the future middle infield of the Chicago Cubs.

I was able to track down three of his four HRs he has hit during spring training this year plus a few extra from 2013, and boy are they pretty to look at.

Here’s his first one off Marco Estrada:

Baez 1 smaller

Here’s the same dinger from the side:

Baez 1 Side

Damn. His hands are incredibly fast through the zone, and that follow-through is oh-so sweet.

Unfortunately, Baez’ second HR wasn’t televised, so we’ll just have to imagine that blast. Here’s his third of the spring off what looks like a Randy Wolf changeup/fastball. This sure didn’t help Wolf rekindle his career in the majors:

Baez 2

Boy is he fun to watch. Here is his most recent one going opposite field off Alexi Ogando:

Baez 4

Are you drooling yet? For those who aren’t Cubs fans, Baez has been doing this for a while. He even had a two-HR game last Spring Training against the Royals, and yes, we have those too:

Baez extra 1

Here’s the side view of that blast:

Baez extra 1 side

Five innings later, he made Bruce Chen’s day worse by hitting his second blast of the day:

Baez extra 2

And from the side:

Baez extra 2 side

Wow. Wow. Did I mention he is only 21 years old and plays 2B/SS? Yeah.

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  1. Patrick M.

    Love the start/stop tech, not to mention the Baez love!

    • Nick

      Thanks Patrick, it’s hard not to swoon watching Baez launching balls over fences.


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