Gif Roundup 4/16 – Rain, Rain, Go Away


It’s been a long couple of nights at the Gif Roundup House with two fun, but looooooong, Passover seders so I’m going to keep this short. Please Winter, just end. Nobody should have to play baseball wearing this, and I certainly don’t want to wear it to my first Yankees game of the year tonight.

Every weekday we’ll be conducting a poll to crown the Gif of the Day and each winner will be featured on Saturday where you can vote for your favorite Gif of the Week. Contact us on twitter and let us know which moments you want us to Gif, and we’ll give you a shout-out on the site.

1. Yordano Ventura‘s Curveball – Yordano is filthy and now everyone knows it. Yordano leads all starters and relievers in average fastball velocity. The sky is the limit.

GR 4:16:14 Yordano Curveball

2. Robinson Cano’s Lucky Double Play – It’s a little hard to see, but the ball caroms off Brad Miller, like a perfect flip, and falls to Cano for a smooth double play. Cano is as smooth as they come.

GR 4:16:14 Cano DP

3. Troy Tulowitzki Up the Middle – Tulowitzki made two consecutive outs with tremendous plays. I believe he’s also the early leader for most appearances in our Gif Roundup.

GR 4:16:14 Tulo Middle

4. Troy Tulowitzki Barehand – There aren’t enough superlatives for Tulowitzki. He’s not far from being the best offensive and defensive shortstop. If he stays healthy, he’s an automatic MVP candidate every year.

GR 4:16:14 Tulo barehand short

5. Khris Davis into the Stands – Davis takes a risk going into the stands, and takes a shot in the arm for his trouble, but gets the first out of the game in impressive fashion.

GR 4:16:14 Khris Davis Short

6. Joey Votto’s Broken Bat Attacks – Russell Martin may know it wasn’t intentional in his mind, but no one is happy to get hit in the head with a bat.

GR 4:16:14 Votto Martin Short

7. Jean Segura’s Smart Play – It may not be apparent in the gif, but Segura makes a smart play to catch Jhonny Peralta rounding third while expecting Segura to throw to first. Segura throws to third and gets the out to prevent a potential run.

GR 4:16:14 Segura Smart Short

8. Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn Have Some Fun – Peavy and Dunn were good buds as teammates in Chicago, and Peavy has a little fun trying to pick off the large and not fleet of foot Dunn as he stands a step off first base.

GR 4:16:14 Peavy Dunn Short

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