Gif Roundup 4/30 – Two Tylers


Tyler Thornburg and Tyler Lyons are unfamiliar names in the baseball landscape and are an example of the random nature of bullpen construction. Bullpen arms tend toward more randomness because they pitch less innings as one reliever’s season is approximately three starters’ seasons in innings pitched. Bullpen arms are also mostly made up of former starters. This season’s SP that just missed the rotation may be an effective reliever next season ala Thornburg, Lyons or Brian Matusz. Bullpen construction should be fluid, in real life and in fantasy.

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1. Jose Fernandez’s Changeup - Fernandez’s changeup is thrown as hard and with as much movement as a two seam fastball. Fernandez throws his changeup only about 8 percent of the time, but maybe he should think about throwing it more than the more stressful slider/curveball/defector.

 2. Justin Verlander’s Curveball - I’ve been skeptical that Verlander will ever reach his past success and K rates, and still am, his curveball looks almost as good as ever. Verlander’s issue is loss of velocity, but he’s still a really good pitcher.

3. Tyler Lyons’ Slider - I barely knew who Tyler Lyons was before watching him pitch tonight, but I’ll keep an eye on him after seeing this slider.

4. Alex Wood’s Fastball - Wood pitched uncharacteristically terrible tonght, but every pitcher has an off night. This fastball may not be a strike, but is put right in the gray area pitchers love to live in. A borderline strike, but too close to take if there were two strikes.

5. Danny Farquhar’s Curveball - Farquhar was pitching in a pretty heavy rainfall, but his curveball didn’t lack for depth with the extra moisture.

6. Jose Quintana’s Changeup - Quintana pitched very well the first 2-3 times through the order and used great fastball command with a good changeup to get the quality start.

7. Joba Chamberlain’s Slider - Joba has a big slider and a big beard, two things Yankees fans didn’t see last year in NY. If Joba can throw strikes the slider looks sharp enough to compile a lot of strikeouts.

8. Tyler Thornburg’s Curveball - Thornburg is a good candidate for holds, and rate stats in deeper leagues. Thornburg has a great K %, good command, and a very tight curveball.

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  1. Zack

    Check Belisario’s sinkers versus Castellanos last night. 95 moving like changeups.


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