GIF Roundup 5/14 – The Very Best Pitches From Wednesday’s Games


Every weekday we’ll featuring the very best pitches of last night’s games, and conducting a poll to crown the GIF of the Day.  Each winner will be featured on Saturday where you can vote for your favorite GIF of the Week. Contact us on Twitter and let us know which pitches you want us to GIF, and we’ll give you a shout-out on the site.

1.  Masahiro Tanaka’s Sinker  - In slow motion, notice the little inside break at the last moment that causes Wright’s bat to miss the pitch.  Amazing.

2.  Madison Bumgarner’s Slider - Bumgarner’s Slider gets another feature in the Roundup as he made Justin Upton embarrass himself after swinging too hard at this pitch.

3.  Corey Kluber’s Curveball – Pitchf/x is labeling it a Curveball, but the grip makes it look awfully like a Split-Changeup. Doesn’t really matter, this pitch is as filthy as they come.

4.  Drew Butera’s Fastball - It’s always fun when non-pitchers get a chance to throw strikes in blowout games, but it’s exhilarating when one throws a 94 MPH heater to get a strikeout.

5.  Garrett Richard’s Curveball - The pitch travels as high as Asche’s eyes before dropping effortlessly into Conger’s glove.

6.  Justin Verlander’s Two-Seamer - While his Curveball gets all the attention, Verlander’s Fastball is pretty impressive as well.  He gets great movement on this perfectly placed riding Fastball to get the strikeout.

7.  Anthony Desclafani’s Slider  - The debut for Desclafani went very well, and he spots up a pretty slider on the outside corner here to get Hanley looking

8.  Steve Tolleson’s Fastball – Brooksbaseball claims this one is a ‘Changeup’. I think it’s just a case of a position player throwing in a blowout, but that’s just me.

9.  Paul Maholm’s Eephus  - What’s not to enjoy about a 58 MPH Eephus pitch?  For some reason, Garrett Jones spins around like it would actually hurt him.

Vote for your favorite Gif of the day and make sure to check back on Saturday to vote for the Gif of the Week!

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