GIF Roundup 5/8 – The Very Best Pitches From Last Night


Every weekday we’ll featuring the very best pitches of last night’s games, and conducting a poll to crown the GIF of the Day.  Each winner will be featured on Saturday where you can vote for your favorite GIF of the Week. Contact us on Twitter and let us know which pitches you want us to GIF, and we’ll give you a shout-out on the site.

1.  Stephen Strasburg’s Curveball - Who doesn’t love watching biting Curveballs in ultra slow-motion?  No one, that’s who.

2. Franscisco Rodriguez’ Fastball - While it may have been slightly off the plate, this is pretty much the perfect 0-2 pitch.  K-rod is pitching like a stud in 2014.

3. James Shields’ Changeup - Shields’ Changeup is his signature pitch, and he displayed it well today in San Diego.  It’s nearly impossible for lefties to lay off this offering, as it starts in the heart of the plate before dying off the outer edge.

4. Drew Pomeranz’ Curveball –  This is a lethal pitch in a lefty-lefty matchup, as Pomeranz’ motion keeps the ball very high at the release, only to fall to complete opposite side of the plate, away and in the dirt.

5. Addison Reed’s Fastball - Nothing like a solid challenge fastball from one of the league’s hardest throwing closers.

6. Adam Wainwright’s Curveballs - It’s no secret Wainwright is having a stellar 2014 campaign, and his Curveball is big reason for it.  Here we have two examples displaying how effective he can be with his classic breaking pitch.  First he forces Chris Johnson to chase an unhittable pitch, then Jayson Heyward gets a tigher version that clips the outside corner after starting off the plate. He’s like a craftsmith on the mound.

7. Tom Koehler’s Curveball – Koehler was lights-out vs. the Mets, and he gets David Wright to flail at a sweet hook in the dirt.

8. Koji Uehara’s Fastball – They say pitching is all about hitting your spots. They also say Uehara is one of the best relievers in the game. That isn’t a coincidence.

9. Tim Lincecum’s Curveball – Timmy has certainly fallen from his all-star seasons, but he can still toss some mighty-fine pitches here and there. Just ask Pedro Alvarez.

Vote for your favorite Gif of the day and make sure to check back on Saturday to vote for the Gif of the Week!

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